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Whelped on November 29, 2014, 7 Males and 5 Females. All puppies have been sold. This breeding should produce very nice looking, working dogs.

We plan on repeating this breeding in the Fall/Winter of 2015.

Colors varied from brown to deadgrass.

Puppy Pedigree
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Castor is an 80 lb. male with incredible drive and stamina. He is medium brown in color and his coat is the short, double coat with dense wirey guard hair. He is brown in color with sedge tendencies as the seasons change.

His disposition is fantastic: a willing and eager worker and he is always eager to please. His disposition is fantastic and been great around kids (my neighbour's toddlers and my nieces since their birth) and strangers.

He is often the fastest dog in the field in training group and at tests. He is great around kids. He finished his CH championship easily and has competed well at the Chesapeake National Show Speciality.

As a hunting dog, he is always eager to please. Guests to our group have commented that hunting over Castor is a 'religious' experience! He hunts pheasants with gusto and no cover stands in his way. Waterfowl, his is the Chessie that you dream about- he sits in his mutt hutt and steadily gazes the horizon for birds. We know when something is flying out way by his subtle body language.

We will be running MH tests this spring and summer.

Cuda is about 54 pounds and is one of the few dogs that is able to keep up with Castor! She is a very pretty bitch with a sweet disposition and demeanour. Her coat is a little bit longer and a bit softer, with a little more wave to it. She was raised in a 4 children household and has been a great roomie so far. He previous owner trained her to hunt and we believe her ability to be between an AKC Junior Hunter and Senior Hunter level. Cuda has some JH passes and we will be pursuing her hunt test titles this Spring.