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We have raised and trained Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for almost 20 years. We hunt, show, and compete in hunt tests and field trials with our Chesapeakes. They are our family companions, our hunting partners, sometimes-confidants, and our usual partners in crime.

We consider ourselves stewards of the breed - it is our responsibility and privilege to uphold and maintain the Chesapeake Bay Retriever breed standard. We believe that dogs should be conformationally correct to the breed standard in addition to maintaining the superb field ability in our dogs. Temperament is paramount in any breed, but we especially so in Chesapeakes . All of our dogs and puppies are well-socialized and raised with toddlers, children, adults and elderly people.

We breed on the occasion that we have two dogs which we feel will contribute to the overall good of the breed. For more information please refer to our puppy page , where you will find current and upcoming litter information.

We also offer stud dogs services by our males. For more info, photos and pedigrees please visit the stud dog page.

Our brood bitches have a page of their own. We strive to show and hunt train and test all of our brood bitches.

Why the name Argo? It is in part a tribute to the area where our family is from and in part to one of it's most famous sons and adventurers- Jason and the Argonauts. Jason accompanied by a band of heroes, the Argonauts, travelled to the ends of the Earth on the grandest of adventures. Their name derived from their ship, the Argo, was synonymous with the bravest and strongest heroes ever assembled in mythology. The bond between these mythical heroes created on their travels are epic. The devotion and commitment to each other was unparalleled, even to the tragic end of some of the adventurers.

From crashing through thick tules in deep marshes to make retrieves, tracking wily pheasants in never ending fields and sloughs, to simply fetching the paper from a snowy driveway on a moonlight morning, our dogs are our steady and stalwart companions in our own modern day adventures, Argonauts in their own right.

You can read an easy to read version of the epic here or an early translation here.

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